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XinRu as a Piano Teacher

With 7 years of teaching experiences and LRAM teaching certificate at the Royal Academy of Music, XinRu Chen has taught a great variety of students, covering different levels and age groups. In 2019, she gave piano masterclasses in Chongqing, China, as well as presenting lecture recitals at the Bashu High School. Her students have a 100% pass rate in ABRSM examinations, and enjoy successes in their school music scholarships. Her passion about music and piano influences her students greatly, evoking their interests in piano learning and encouraging them to understand music in depth. 


Coming from a non-musician family, the past 20 years of music and piano learning provides XinRu sufficient experiences in overcoming difficulties encountered during the study, and cultivates her ability of learning and thinking independently. She has built up a step-by-step piano learning system, which points out a clear direction for students during their study and enables her to recognise students’ problems precisely in their playings, as well as providing them useful solutions. 


Although XinRu is an advanced performer, she also has many experiences in teaching beginners. Having created her own beginner teaching materials, XinRu explores the most efficient way of learning piano at the beginning level and establishing a solid foundation of piano techniques for future development, encouraging her students to enjoy playing the piano and have a pleasant musical journey.

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